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    The awareness and appreciation of art has grown in recent years. Art and creativity have become a part of contemporary living and culture. Whether at home or work, we have come to desire for beauty and authentic experiences.

    A piece of art can enhance the look of almost any room and complement the décor. Art can also engage the spectators in a memorable way. Through art, one can express his or her self-image and individuality.

    Here are some simple steps in choosing the right piece of art for your room:

    Choosing Art

    • Style of Art - At Art² Gallery, our art is mainly hanging art on wall whether it is acrylic, oil or mixed media on canvas or in frame. The styles include modern abstract, expressionism, surrealism, minimalism, realism and so on. In choosing the right style of art, one is usually guided by his or her personal preference or the surroundings where you are intending the art to go.

    • Colour of Art - Different colours have certain affects on the people's moods. Soothing colours can subconsciously create a feeling of calmness whilst bright colours give a feel of youth and enthusiasm.

    • Size of Art - You need to know the size limits imposed by space and ensure that the art will fit in the surroundings and not overwhelm the rest of the interior design. Always ensure that you have an appropriate.

    Art for workplace

    Having art in the workplace can be beneficial to the visitors and the workforce.

    Business owners are increasingly aware of the importance of enhancing their workplace with art to create a good and memorable impression to their visitors, especially at the reception area being the first point of arrival for visitors to almost any business. In the meeting or conference room, artwork can be an icebreaker to potential negotiations.

    Besides, displaying artwork can highlight the individuality of the business and gives a positive psychology impacts to the visitors.

    For the workforce, artwork can provide a well-needed distraction to prevent the employees from excessive concentration on a computer monitor. Health and safety initiatives recommend that workers take a break from 'staring' at the screen and a piece of artwork can offer another focus. If the workforce is in a creative industry, then displaying art can provide inspiration.

    Most importantly, everyone desire to live or work in a place that is enjoyable and surrounded by beautiful things!

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